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Punters Club Online (PCO) is a website for people who want to have a bet, but don't have time, or don't think they can win, or would like somebody else to do the hard work for them. It is run by Gamblor, a professional racing analyst of over 10 years experience, having worked for some of Australia's biggest bookmakers. Gamblor used to set the markets for others, but now he does the form, compiles markets and bets them solely for himself - and for PCO.


How it works is this: You open an account - click here to start that procedure: http://www.puntersclubonline.com.au/registration

Then, you fund your account, and purchase "shares" in any of the clubs that are available. 


For the last 2 ¾ years, the PCO has operated clubs that started and ended on a given day. Clubs like the Win Club, Quaddie Club, Jackpot Club and more recently the Guts Club have been separate, and balanced up at the end of the day.

Whilst this has always been the way I wanted to run things, so that people could get in for low amounts and still enjoy the clubs, one unforeseen element has been the stress levels it places on me. I feel it very much when we have a wipeout day, feeling as though all our eggs were in that one basket.

I have been trying to resolve this situation in my mind recently, especially as a bad last few weeks has exacerbated those feelings, and I have come up with a change which I think will address a few issues.

Beginning next week, Monday 25th August 2014, I am abolishing the individual club, and introducing one club for the week – the Weekly Club.

The weekly club will start (usually) on the Monday, and will run each day until it ends at close of racing on the Saturday. Punters invest in the weekly club before it closes at the start of the week (and they will be put up a couple of weeks in advance, so there should be plenty of time to get on), and all that money is pooled up and used as the Weekly Betting Bank (WBB).

Each day, the weekly club will be involved in betting of some kind – usually win betting, but also with lay betting via Betfair. On a Saturday, the weekly club will chase a jackpot (thereby incorporating the Jackpot Club), and MAY take a quaddie, if there looks to be a good one. The quaddies of the last few months have not been very profitable, and a recent study of their dividends by me indicates they are not paying the “over and above” dividends that they used to.

All of the outlay for these bets will be taken from the WBB for that week, and at the end of the week, a dividend for your outlay will be declared.

The minimum share for this club will be $50. That’s obviously more than normal, but you can think of this as the combination of several clubs into one, therefore meaning $50 would constitute your entire weekly outlay. Of course, you can invest at whatever level you wish.

There will be one private discussion thread that will cover the week’s betting, and I will be updating it daily with what we’re looking at for the day. I have to add, though, that I won’t be able to put all the win bets on in advance, as I do on a Saturday morning currently, as the markets aren’t strong enough for me to know what will be overlays and what won’t with enough certainty. Most of our bets will go on very close to racetime, however what I will do each day is list out the ones who are likely to be overlays, but there will be bets at racetime that qualify (due to drifting from their morning price) and ones that looked like overlays but shorten and do not qualify. So, we will be betting each day close to racetime, however I will endeavour to update a few times during the afternoon with winners backed, etc.

As stated earlier, the main operation each day will be win betting and lay betting, and at the end of each week I will compile a report which details how much was won / lost on each bet type during the week, and of course what our final share is.


This is a good question, and is of course up to the individual, however you should look upon this as a weekly outlay, not an individual club outlay. You will be betting on 6 days of the week, over as many as 40 race meets some weeks, so it is much different to just an individual club. You must outlay what you are comfortable with, however if you are running a betting bank, I would suggest outlaying somewhere between 10% and 20% of your bank on a given week, wherever in that range you feel comfortable.


My fee structure will remain the same – 4% at the start of each club, and 4% of any profit, should a profit be made.


There is a discussion thread on the forum outlining these new changes, if you have any queries, post them in this thread, so that all can see the answers:


Thanks everyone, and good luck!