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Hi everyone,

The Punting Fund for July 2017 to September 2017 is now open. This will close on Saturday October 14th, and will run to nearly the end of the year.

To read more about the Punting Fund, read the below - 

The Punting Fund runs over a three month period, you would opt in for three months at a time, with the figures being balanced up at the end of that period. The minimum outlay would be more - probably more like $250 for the three months (or about $20 per week averaged out) and I would bet most days of the week, generally on a quaddie (more than one on a Saturday) but sometimes on a jackpot when a good one came up.

Unlike a managed fund in the share world my I take no commission up front, but take a % of profit (assuming, that is, that we can make a profit) at the end of the three months. In the share world, a fund takes 2% of capital at the start as a fee, and 20% of profit, annually. I am taking no commission up front, and 10% of profit in each fund.



Punters Club Online

Welcome to Punters Club Online (PCO) - the first Online Punters Club in Australia.

PCO is a site for all punters, from the big to the small, and gives you the chance to invest in Punters Clubs run by "Gamblor" - a professional form analyst of over 10 years experience, having worked for some of Australia's biggest bookmakers.

There's a lot going on here at PCO, from a free daily best bet, to your right, to multiple clubs each week for you to get involved in. The best way for you to find out what this site is all about, what kinds of clubs we have, how you get involved - is to click on the ABOUT button above, or follow this link - http://www.puntersclubonline.com.au/pages/about/

Now, in 2015, Gamblor is trialling providing his betting markets to subscribers, for their own interest and betting activity. 

Alternatively - go into "The Lounge" (link above in the buttons) and ask Gamblor anything directly!

Happy Punting!

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Hi everyone - my best today 25/6/17 is PAK R8 #6 RONALDO'S GOAL, take the $7.00 fixed.


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